Bruce Obomeyoma Onobrakpeya

The Rag Tree

File:"Ahwaire and the Dog" - NARA - 558978.jpg


More discoveries, more beauty here.  This linocut drew RT’s attention to the traditional Urhobo story that it illustrates, Ahwaire and the Dog, and to its creator, Bruce Obomeyoma Onobrakpeya. So far, RT has turned up little about the story, but he did find a Wikipedia article on BOO–in Italian. So then Google Translator came to the rescue (not the first time it’s helped RT out), and RT provides his translation of the artist’s biography below.

RT will pause to note that, although he considers himself fairly well versed in the field of art, it amazes him that a successful and talented visual artist of Onobrakpeya’s caliber has remained unknown to him until now. Is it just that creative souls living on different continents can’t expect to be familiar with each other’s work? Or can we hope that artists around the world can indeed come into contact…

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