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Social Phenomena and Typography

Social Phenomena and Typography
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I’m wondering what I am doing. I have had other blogs in the past. An idea (subject matter) flashes through my mind.  I even commented on someone blog the following.

” I’m not a writer, and I just can’t figure it out either. I spend my time re-blogging, Trying to compose an image from their daily life profile. Their boring and I find myself Boring! It like looking at a Co-worker walk to the water cooler and there. “Canne Film Festival.”

I fall in to the belief that it is more interesting to see what others are writing about on their blog. But I miss the connection all together. Becoming bored and frustrated reading Blah! Blah! Blah! I become most interested in the images then the words.  I find bloggers that are dedicated to a specific belief or subject matter most interesting. I peak to highest when read history, philosophy, the media occult,  and Social phenomena. Then that inner voice that does not exist, directed me to check, if there is even the existence of  the phrase Social phenomena. Part of My crazy attempt to be a Blogger, yet I feel I must research the reference to, and spelling. I suck at spelling, feeling I must check my spelling constantly, yet never proofreading for errors. Major run on sentences, blinded in the headlight of fonts and typeface. As though it is the most beautiful creation ever direct to the point Language. Specifically Typography!


Social phenomena” include all behavior which influences or is influenced by organisms sufficiently alive to respond to one another.

Aah now I feel better the existence!